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Press Release

2009-05-12  Replacing ABB TESSELATOR 9800 color graphic systems.PDF Document
2009-04-01  New Disk Drive Replacement for ABB Master.PDF Document
2006-03-02  Replacing ABB TESSELATOR 8000 color graphic systems.PDF Document
2005-11-29  Newcon Data wins a breakthrough order in Canada to replace CN's former graphic systems.PDF Document
2004-12-10  New ABB (originally ASEA) TESSELATOR replacement opportunities.PDF Document

TESSELATOR Brochures and Pamphlets

1982-09-01  ASEA TESSELATOR.PDF Document
1982-11-01  New multi-colour graphic display system TESSELATOR with improved legibility.PDF Document
1983-09-01  A Display of Distinction.PDF Document
1985-01-01  ASEA TESSELATOR 8010. (in Swedish)PDF Document
1982-11-01  Tangentbord QDHI 01. (in Swedish)PDF Document
1983-09-01  Keyboard DSIH 70.PDF Document
1985-01-01  Tangentbord DSIH 90. (in Swedish)PDF Document
1985-01-01  ASEA TESSELATOR 8010.PDF Document
1989-01-01  TESSELATOR 7800/7805.PDF Document
1989-01-01  TESSELATOR 7850/7855.PDF Document
1989-03-01  ABB TESSELATOR - Video Display System in the Cockpit of Industry.PDF Document
1989-03-01  TESSELATOR Display Management System.PDF Document
1989-03-01  ABB SuperView.PDF Document
1990-01-01  TESSELATOR 9800.PDF Document

Other press information about TESSELATOR and TessEm

2010-01-01  ABB Technologies that changed the world..PDF Document
2008-01-01  Vignettes of Sweden’s Computer Graphics History.PDF Document
2006-01-18  Datorgrafik inom svensk industri förr, nu och i framtiden. (in Swedish)PDF Document
2001-08-01  Lyckade lösningar: Banverket. (in Swedish)PDF Document
1996-09-01  Microcomputer-based control equipment at Starfors transmission substation.PDF Document
  ABB Substation Control. (in Swedish)PDF Document


2014-09-27  LinkLaser Process Supervisor together with the TessEm7000.