Check out the new product DDR (Disk Drive Replacement) for ABB automation systems!

No more problems with non readable 5.25" floppies or faulty floppy disk drives when booting your ABB Master system!

The DDR unit The DDR unit replaces the old 5.25" floppy disk drives, DSMD 113 and DSMD 110, in ABB Master automation systems. The unit uses SD memory cards for storing of data.

The product DDR is fully compatible with the ABB MasterView product family 810/830/850, MasterPiece 200 and TESSELATOR 8400/9800. Read more >>

TessEm - The TESSELATOR Emulator!

TessEm8000 with 3 displays (screens)

TessEm8000 with 3 displays (screens) controlled by the DSIH 70 keyboard and DSIH 71 trackball

By using a standard PC with the Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/2000 operating system the software emulator has the ability to take advantage of the myriad of peripheral equipment available on the market from third party vendors. Thus the user is free to select I/O devices such as monitors, keyboards, printers etc, but still keep the unique TESSELATOR functionality.

The product uses standard TESSELATOR symbol libraries to achieve the same “look and feel” as the original TESSELATOR system. All existing TESSELATOR compatible keyboards and trackballs could be used as input devices.The PC keyboard and mouse could be also used as input devices, partly or entirely replacing old TESSELATOR keyboards and trackballs (optional).

The software product TessEm can be used together with host computers such as:

  • ABB MasterView 810/830/850
  • ABB SuperView
  • Fisher & Porter DOC
  • ABB ALSY 225/235
  • ABB AccuRay 1190
  • LinkLaser Process Supervisor
  • ABB Transmission HVDC CAS
  • Any other systems using TESSELATOR as operator interface.

The following versions of the software product TessEm are available:

  • TessEm7000 - Emulating the TESSELATOR 7800 models. Read more ...
  • TessEm8000 - Emulating the TESSELATOR 8100, 8300 and 8400 models. Read more ...
  • TessEm9000 - Emulating the TESSELATOR 9800 model. Read more ...

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