The software product TessEm9000 emulates the ABB TESSELATOR 9800 family of high-end, super high performance multi-channel color graphics display system on a standard PC under the Microsoft Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/2000 operating systems.

TessEm9000 with 4 displays (screens)

TessEm9000 with 4 displays (screens) controlled by the PC keyboard and mouse

The standard TESSELATOR symbol libraries is used to achieve the same "look and feel" as the original TESSELATOR 9800 system. All existing TESSELATOR compatible keyboards and trackballs could be used as input devices.

By using a standard PC with the Microsoft Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/2000 operating system the software emulator has the ability to take advantage of the myriad of peripheral equipment available on the market from third party vendors. Thus the user is free to select I/O devices such as monitors, keyboards, printers etc, but still keep the unique TESSELATOR functionality.

The basic TessEm9000 product emulates all the TESSELATOR 9800 "run-time" functions for presentation of process control information on one display (screen). The following additional options are available:

  • Symbol Handling: Includes an enhanced symbol editing and conversion capability and functions to store downloaded symbol libraries.

  • Display Edit: Supports all the TESSELATOR 9800 "offline" display editing functionality using standard TESSELATOR keyboards.

  • PC Keyboard: The PC keyboard and mouse can be used instead of or as a complement to standard TESSELATOR keyboards and trackballs. Individual programmable key and mouse sequences.

  • Multi-Display: Adds support for one to seven additional displays (screens).

  • X.25: Adds support for one up to four CCITT X.25/2 LAPB communication channels, each with a maximum communication speed of 8.448 Mbits/s, by using the FarSync X.25 TxU cards from Farsite Communications Limited.

  • Graphic Objects: Graphic objects such as points, lines, rectangles, arc, circle segments etc. can be displayed together with the alphanumeric and graphic symbols on the TessEm9000 screens.

  • Extended-Windowing: Additional functions for "true-windowing", of X-Windows type, including transparent windows and functions for pan.

  • Trend Curves: Additional functions for presentation of trend curves, bargraphs, axis with pixel resolution. Trend curve priority, zooming and scaling.

  • LAN communication: Adds support for one up to two Local Area Network communication channels "Multi drop" (IEEE 802.3, GCOM).

The product TessEm9000 can directly be used together with host computers using the TESSELATOR 9800 as graphic operator interface.